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Hosting Life Drawing. Inspiring Community

April 01, 2021 Siri Berlin
Sex & Art
Hosting Life Drawing. Inspiring Community
Show Notes

For this episode, I met with William Holley, a passionate trumpet player and artist in his spare time, an architect/engineer when it comes to his occupation. William, originally from England, just moved to Hamburg for a new project.

We met some time ago in Berlin at one of the amazing life drawing sessions he is (was and will be) hosting at Keithbar in Berlin Neukölln. 

William’s goal for his event series is to create a space where people meet and feel seen as the person they are and create a space where people are comfortable enough to try out new things. You should see his welcoming smile and friendly hugs he hands out freely to everyone joining his piece-of-art-life-drawing-event. 

If you are curious to find out some secrets of a well-hosted and enthusiastic life drawing session or if you just enjoy someone bringing joy into the world, listen to this episode.

- By the way: The cover of this episode is a drawing I made when William was modelling at Keith Bar in 2020 -

Here you can contact William and  also have a look at his art:

In this FB group you find all events:

The place where it all happens:

The people we mentioned in the episode:
Expansion Starpower
Cameryn Moore
Hugo Rex Tibirica

Recorded by: Siri Berlin