Sex & Art

Creating Spaces. Where BDSM meets Art

March 15, 2021 Siri Berlin
Sex & Art
Creating Spaces. Where BDSM meets Art
Show Notes

For this podcast, I met Andy Buru, an inspiring, well-known, and fun to talk to rope bondage teacher and therapist from Stockholm in Sweden. I met Andy a few years ago at a tantra festival in Ängsbacka, where he also teaches sometimes.  As rope bondage and kink, in general, seem to become more and more popular around me,  I thought it might be interesting getting to know Andy a little better. So I asked him for an interview.

In this episode, we talk about a  project that is very dear to Andy: The amazing conscious kink event series "Salongen" ("The Parlour") where BDSM and art meet. These play parties will be taking place in a theatre setting and are a co-production of Andy Buru and colleagues from theatre and opera.  Listen to the interview to discover some of the secret ingredients of this playful artistic project.

If you want to know more about Andy Buru, his passion, lessons, and sessions you can find a lot of inspiration and information here:

The event series "Salongen" has no official homepage, yet. But if you read Swedish you can catch a glimpse here:

Because we recorded the session on International Women's day, I asked Andy which women were most influential in his life. Here is some nutrition for your brain, body, and soul:

Ruby May
Barara Carellas
Judith Lewis Herman
Esther Perel

Thanks, Andy, for being such a delightful person to talk to.

Recorded by Siri Berlin