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Healing Conversation. Changing the Concepts of Masculinity.

February 15, 2021 Siri Berlin
Sex & Art
Healing Conversation. Changing the Concepts of Masculinity.
Show Notes

In this episode, you meet Sergio, an open hearted engineer from Spain, right now working and studying in Maastricht in The Netherlands. I met Sergio on an intense tantric workshop in Croatia in 2019. I got to know him as a kind human being, who is always committed to personal growth. And he has one of the most inviting smiles I have ever seen.

Recently he created his own men's group - due to his own longing to have a deeper connection with other men. In this episode, we talk about his way of creating a circle, the benefits, and challenges.

"In October 2020, I started a circle of men. It's been now 5 months and I can surely say that it's one of the most transformative experiences I have ever had. Not always easy to put yourself and your insecurities in front of other men, but definitely worth every time I did it. Here is an interview I did with a dear friend where we go a little bit deeper on the topic and my experience. Last but not least, I really really want to thank the men that had the courage to start this journey, stay and show-up in every meeting we have. I have loved seeing how much we are progressing all together and I keep loving every meeting we have  Love you guys."

If you are interested in creating your own men's group and you don't know where to start, you can contact Sergio and he will be happy to help:

A few good ideas on how to create a men's group Sergio found on this page:

Jordan Gray describes a men's group as:

"A men’s group is when a group of men meet regularly in order to better themselves as individuals. It is not a spiritual group, though spiritual things certainly can take place. It is not a therapy group, even though therapeutic benefits do occur for all who attend. It is not a self-help group, even though selves do get helped.

It is simply a regularly held group container wherein men are able to heal parts of their psyche, and become sharper, wiser, and more well rounded as people."

Recorded by Siri Berlin, Sweden