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Being Positive. Nail polish and a virus

December 01, 2020 Siri Berlin
Sex & Art
Being Positive. Nail polish and a virus
Show Notes

 In this episode, you meet Isabell, a friend of mine from Berlin. She is a nail polish lover, occasional comedian, smart woman, activist, and artistic soul. In her mid 20ies, she was diagnosed with HIV, which clearly changed her life. Not only for the bad, though. Listen to her story and find out how she copes with humor, actively educating others and how she manages to find good in the bad...

Isabell says: "I don't want to downplay HIV. It is a very serious infection. But I can live until I am old, wrinkly, and grey. I can have good and bad relationships, I can have children - or not. Like all other human beings." 


Find out more about Isabell's work as HIV ambassador:

If you want to find out more about HIV/Aids you can follow these links:
U equals U = undetectable means untransmittable:

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