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Inviting the Dark - The Occult Therapy

September 13, 2022 Siri Berlin
Sex & Art
Inviting the Dark - The Occult Therapy
Show Notes

For this episode, I had the pleasure to talk to facilitator, witchcraft and ritual creator, and photographer Charlyne, who founded "The Occult Therapy“. 
I got to know them over a friend who is their client and was talking about her experiences in such a fascinating way that I wanted to meet Charlyne.

On Charlyne’s own journey of learning and practicing body piercing, rope suspension, and also performing with these elements on stage, they reconnected to spirituality and found profound access to their own healing. Fascinated by these findings, Charlyne started to share these gifts as a full-time job.

By allowing the dark into our lives we can rewrite our own stories and become the empowered humans we are supposed to be. "Find your light through the darkness. Bleed, surrender, embrace the pain, release." writes Charlyne.

Charlyne lives and works mainly in Berlin and identifies as non-binary. They use different pronouns (they/them/he/she) according to the situation.

You can find out more about Charlyne's services here:

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